Capturing the Moment

Name: Capturing the Moment

Type: Video Essay

Status: Ongoing

“There’s great moments that obviously people have rehearsed and gone over and gone over and gone over. But literally when the stuff really hits you, it’s usually something that happened, and it happened then. And that’s what film is about; capturing a moment.”

That’s a quote from Robin Williams’ appearance on Inside the Actor’s Studio. It also appears in Tony Zhou’s video essay “Robin Williams – In Motion”.

I’ve been a fan of video essays since I saw Chris Marker’s Sans Soleil, a film widely considered to be the starting point of essay films. But anyone who’s watched my video essays can see how big an influence Tony Zhou’s style is on me.


But with this series of video essays, I didn’t want to try and be either of those guys, and so I leave the poetic musings to Marker and the analysis of film form to Zhou.

What’s always fascinated me about cinema is the difficult process through which we respond to films, how they fit into our lives, and how film remains relevant in an age of abundant visual information.


In my series Capturing the Moment, I want to get people thinking differently about certain aspects of cinema, to see it as something that influences the way we think and, as a result, the way we live our lives.

This will be an ongoing series, which I hope to publish on the last Monday of every month. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for all the latest updates.


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