The Phantom Menace: The Most Influential Film of the Nineties?

It’s an unspoken truth we just seem to accept: only good films can be influential. But is that really the case?

If you were to think off the top of your head “what is the most influential film of the nineties?” you’d probably think either Pulp Fiction or maybe Fight Club.

But how many films really used the intertwining narratives and slick talking dialogue of the former, or the gritty tone and erratic editing of the latter in the years that followed their releases?

Perhaps I’m throwing myself into the piranha tank with this one; it’s rare someone brings up The Phantom Menace without getting into an argument. By I wanted to go beyond asking whether the film was “good” and ask “how has this film changed cinema? How would cinema be different if this film never existed?”

I’d love to hear your thoughts on it, comment in the blog or on the video, however you please!